Photo of Fourth Recess Lake, CA

Fishing Gear for the Sierra

Everything From Clothing to Lures

photo of man fly fishing at Kennedy Lake, CA

Having the right Fishing Gear can make the difference between an enjoyable and successful trip and one that you might rather forget. I have a list of gear that I might need on any given trip and then select the items I want for the particular circumstances of a planned excursion.

Fishing Gear Categories:

Fishing Clothing

I'm not fond of the sun beating down on me all day long, so I shop for clothes that give both standard sun protection as well as UV protection. The Coolibar fishing shirt shown here has UPF 50+ protection as well as plenty of zippered pockets.

I am a fan of Sunday Afternoon hats. There are many styles available. If I'm fishing from shore, I prefer lightweight pants that will dry easily if they happen to get a little wet. And speaking of wet, I always have something tucked away in case it starts to rain.


Fishing Repairs

Nothing is more frustrating than being two hours from your car when you discover you need a particular tool or other item. I try to anticipate what I might need and make sure to tuck it into my day pack. Breaking the tip off my fly rod when I was 23 miles from the trailhead was perhaps the worst I've encountered so far, but I now try to be ready for the unexpected.


Fishing Lures and Spoons

I don't carry pounds of lures into remote lakes. I try to anticipate my needs and pick from a wide assortment I keep at home.


Float Tubes

Many float tubes are light enough to pack into remote lakes. Bushy shorelines and shallows that stretch out for a hundred feet or more are common. Float tubes can be game changers. The Teton shown here is only 8½ pounds. Others not much more.